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嫦娥奔月 Lady Chang Eh Went to the Moon

This story happens after Yi shot down the nine suns. Like most of love stories in China,  this one ends tragically, too. However, similar to the story of The Cowboy and Weaving Maid, Chinese people want to believe that the lovers still get to meet once a year at the mercy of some mysterious power.

因为羿把九个小太阳射了下来,他们的爸爸要惩罚羿,就把羿和他妻子嫦娥从天上赶到了人间。羿每天出去打猎,晚上才回家。 羿的一个朋友叫蓬蒙,看见嫦娥长得这么美丽,就起了坏心, 经常到羿的家里来找嫦娥。

有一天,羿在打猎的时候遇到一个仙人。 仙人给羿一包药,对他说:“如果你遇到危险,吃了这个药就不会死,你就会变成仙人回到天上。”羿回到家, 把药交给嫦娥,要她小心收好。没想到,蓬蒙偷偷地在窗外听见了这话。第二天羿一出门,他就来找嫦娥,逼她把药拿出来给他,否则他就要杀了嫦娥。嫦娥没有办法,把药拿出来,在蓬蒙不注意的时候,把药放进自己的嘴巴里,很快吞了下去。


羿回家不见嫦娥, 非常伤心。晚上做梦,梦见嫦娥对他说,“月亮最圆最亮的时候,你用面粉和糖做一些圆圆的糕饼,我就会从月亮下来和你见面。” 后来, 中国人家家户户每年在中秋节那一天都做月饼。

yin1wei4  yi4  ba3  jiu3ge4 xiao3tai4yang she4le xia4lai2, ta1mende ba4ba  yao4  cheng3fa2  yi4, jiu4 ba3 yi4  he2 ta1 qi1zi  chang2e2  cong2 tian1shang4 gan3dao4le ren2jian1.  yi4  mei3tian1 chu1qu4  da3lie4,  wan3shang4  cai2  hui2jia1.  yi4de  yi2ge4  peng2you3  jiao4  peng2meng2,  kan4jian4  chang2e2  zhang3de  zhe4me  mei3li4,  jiu4  qi3le  huai4xin1,  jing1chang2  dao4 yi4de jia1li3  lai2zhao3  chang2e2.

you3yi4tian1,  qi4  zai4 da3lie4de shi2hou  yu4dao4  yi2ge  xian1ren2.  xian1ren2  gei3 yi4  yi4bao1yao4,  dui4ta1shuo1: "ru2guo3 ni3 yu4dao4  wei1xian3,  chi1le  zhe4ge4 yao4 jiu4 bu2hui4 si3,  ni3 jiu4hui4  bian4cheng2  xian1ren2  hui2dao4  tian1shang4. "  yi4 hui2dao4jia1,  ba3  yao4  jiao1gei3  chang2e2,  yao4 ta1  xiao3xin1  shou1hao3.  mei2xiang3dao4,  peng2meng2  tou1tou1de  zai4chuang1wai4 ting1jian4le  zhe4hua4.  di4er4tian1  yi4  yi1 chu1men2,  ta1  jiu4 lai2  zhao3  chang2e2,  bi1  ta1  ba3  yao4  na2chu1lai2  gei3  ta1, fou3ze2  ta1 jiu4yao4   sha1le  chang2e2.  chang2e2  mei2you3 ban4fa3,  ba3 yao4  na2chu1lai2,  zai4  peng2meng2  bu2zhu4yi4  deshi2hou,  ba3 yao4  fang4jin4 zi4ji3de  zui3ba li3,  hen3kaui4  tun1le  xia4qu4.

chang2e2 yi1 ba3  yao4  chi1xia4qu4  jiu4  jue2de  shen1ti3  qing1le hen3duo1,  bu4jiu3,  ta1jiu4  fei1le  qi3lai2.  ke3shi4,  ta1 bu4xiang3  li2kai1  yi4, suo3yi3  ta1 jiu4zai4  li2  yi4  zui4jin4 de  yue4liang shang4  ting2 xia4lai2.

yi4 hui2jia1  bu2jian4  chang2e2,  fei1chang2  shang1xin1. wan3shang4 zuo4meng4,  meng4jian4  chang2e2  dui4 ta1shuo1:" yue4liang  zui4yuan2  zui4liang4 deshi2hou,  ni3 yong4  mian4feng3 he2 tang2  zuo4 yi4xie1  yuan2yuan2de  gao1bing3,  wo3 jiu4hui4  cong2 yue4liang  xia4lai2  he2 ni3  jian4mian4."  hou4lai2,  zhong1guo2ren2  jia1jia1hu4hu4  mei3nian2  zai4  zhong1qiu4jie2  na4 yi4tian1  dou1 zuo4 yue4bing3.


Because Yi shot down the nine suns,  their dad wanted to punish Yi. He drove Yi and his wife Chang E to  the people's world from the heaven.  Every day, Yi  went hunting outside, and didn't come back till evening. One of Yi's friends is called Peng Meng. Peng Meng had an evil intention when he saw Chang E was so pretty. He often came to Yi's place to look for Chang E.

One day, Yi met an immortal being when he was hunting.  The immortal being gave Yi a pack of medicine and said to him: "If you run into danger, you won't die after taking the medicine. You will become immortal and return to the heaven." When Yi got home, he handed the medicine over to Chang E, asking her to put it away carefully. Unexpectedly, Peng Meng eavesdropped the conversation outside the window.The next day as soon as Yi was out of the door, he came for Chang E and forced her to take out the medicine to give to him. Otherwise, he would kill Chang E. Having no way out, Chang E took out the medicine. When Peng Meng was not paying attention, she put the medicine  inside her mouth, and quickly swallowed it.

As soon as Chang E took the medicine, she felt her body became much lighter. Soon enough, she flew up. However, she didn't want  to leave Yi behind.  So she landed on the moon which was closest to Yi.

Yi was very sad when he got home and found Chang E gone. He had a dream at night, and dreamed of Chang E. She told him: " when the moon is the round and most brightest,  if you make some cookies with flour and sugar,  then I'll come down from the moon to see you." After that, all the families in China make moon cakes on the Mid-fall Festival every year.

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