Wednesday, December 7, 2011

拔苗助长 Pulling up the seedlings to make them grow faster

有个农民, 性子很急。 他每天很早起床。整天忙忙碌碌的,很晚才睡。有一年春天, 他播种以后, 秧苗过了很久 才长出来。 他每天都到田里去用尺量一量 秧苗长高了多少。他觉得它们长得太慢了, 非常着急, “我怎样才能帮助秧苗快快长大呢?”他想啊想, 终于想到了一个好办法。
他急忙来到田里, 开始把秧苗一棵一棵地往上拔高一点。 在火辣辣的太阳下, 他从早上拔到中午, 又从中午拔到晚上, 终于把每棵秧苗都拔高了一点。他觉得腰酸背痛, 又累又热, 但是, 他心里很高兴, 因为他觉得自己做了一件很聪明的事情。
回到家后, 他得意地告诉家里的人,“今天我太累了!因为我帮助田里的秧苗长高了很多。”他的儿子不明白父亲是什么意思,于是跑到田里去看。 结果发现所有的秧苗都已经被太阳晒死了。
you3ge4  nong2ming2, xing4zi   hen3ji2.  ta1 mei3tian1  hen3zao3   qi3chuang2, zheng3tian1  mang2mang2lu4lu4de,  hen3wan3  cai2   shui4. 

you3yi4nian2   chun1tian1,  ta1bo1zhong3  yi3hou4,   yang1miao2   guo4le  hen3jiu3   cai2   zhang3chu1lai2.   ta1  mei3tian1    dou1  dao4   tian2li3   qu4    yong4 chi3  liang2yi4liang2   yang1miao2  zhang3gao1le    duo1shao3.   ta1  jue2de   ta1men   zhang3de   tai4man4le,   fei1chang2   zhao2ji2,  "wo3   zen3yang4   cai2neng2   bang1zhu4   yang1miao2   kuai4kuai4   zhang3da4ne?"   ta1   xiang3a  xiang3,   zhong1yu2   xiang3dao4le   yi2ge4   hao3ban4fa3.

ta1  ji1mang2   lai2dao4   tian2li3,   kai1shi3   ba3  yang1miao2   yi4ke1 yi4ke1de   wang3shang4   ba2gao1 yi1dian3.   zai4 huo3la4la4de   tai4yang2 xia4,   ta1 cong2  zao3shang4   ba2dao4   zhong1wu3,   you4  cong2   zhong1wu3  ba2dao4   wan3shang4,   zhong1yu2   ba3   mei3ke1   yang1miao2  dou1   ba2gao1le   yi1dian3.   ta1  jue2de   yao1suan1bei4tong4,  you4lei4you4re4,   dan4shi4,   ta1   xin1li3  hen3  gao1xing4,  yin1wei4   ta1  jue2de    zi4ji3   zuo4le   yi1jian4   hen3cong1ming2de   shi4qing2.

hui2dao4  jia1hou4,   ta1  hen3  de2yi4de   gao4su4  jia1li3de ren2,  "jin1tian1  wo3  tai4  lei4le!   yin1wei4   wo3  bang1zhu4   tian2li3de   yang1miao2   zhang3gao1le   hen3duo1."   ta1de   er2zi  bu4ming2bai2   fu4qin1   shi4  shen2me   yi4si,  yu2shi4   pao3dao4  tian2li3  qu4kan4.  jie1guo3   fa1xian4   suo3you3de   yang1miao2   dou1  yi3jing1  bei4  tai4yang   shai4si3le.


There was a farmer of an impatient disposition. Every day, he got up early, toiled and labored all day, and went to bed late. One spring, after he sowed the seeds, the seedlings took a very long time to sprout. Every day, he went to the fields to measure how tall the seedlings had grown, with a ruler. He felt they were growing too slowly, and was very worried."How can I help them to grow faster?" He thought and thought, and finally he hit upon a good idea.

He rushed to the fields, and one by one, started to pull the seedlings up a little higher. In the blazing sun, he worked from morning to noon, and from noon to evening. Eventually each seedling was pulled up a little higher. His back and waist were sore and worn out, hot and tired. However, his heart was very glad because he considered his plan to be extremely clever.

After he was back home, he told his family with such pride: "Today really wore me out! I helped the seedlings in the fields to grow up a lot." His son didn't understand what his father meant, and ran to the fields to take a look. As a result, he discovered all the seedlings had been dead because of the hot sun.
What an irony about the people with little impatience!  We often use this idiom to describe those parents and educators who paid too much attention to their children, who were drowned in this much "love".   This also applies to other situations when our good intention results in desasters.

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