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狐假虎威 The Fox borrows the Tiger's Fierceness

一只老虎正在森林里找吃的, 突然一只狐狸从他面前经过。 老虎马上扑上去, 准备把狐狸吃掉。 狡猾的狐狸知道自己逃不掉了, 就假装很镇静地对老虎说: “你怎么敢吃我?”老虎吃惊地问: “ 为什么我不敢吃你?”
狐狸说: “因为上天刚刚派我到森林里来, 做百兽之王。如果你吃了我, 你就违反了上天的命令, 你会受到上天的惩罚。”
老虎看看又瘦又小的狐狸, 根本不相信他会是新的百兽之王。
狐狸说: “如果你不相信我, 你跟我一起去见别的动物, 看他们怕不怕我。” 老虎同意了。
于是, 狐狸走在老虎的前面, 老虎跟在狐狸的后面, 往森林深处走去。
你猜羚羊, 小鹿, 兔子看见他们,会不会 害怕呢?当然都吓得赶紧逃走了。可是他们怕的不是狐狸, 而是狐狸身后的老虎啊!
狐狸得意地对老虎说: “ 你看, 所有的动物都怕我!”
就这样,真正的百兽之王老虎上了狐狸的当, 以为别的动物真的害怕狐狸呢。

yi4zhi1 lao3hu3   zheng4zai4   sen1lin2li3   zhao3chi1de,  tu1ran2  yi4zhi1  hu2li   cong2 ta1mian4qian2  jing1guo4.  lao3hu3  ma3shang4   pu1shang4qu4,  zhun3bei4  ba3  hu2li   chi1diao4.  jiao3hua2de  hu2li   zhi1dao4   zi4ji3   tao2bu2diao4le, jiu4  jia3zhuang1  hen3zhen4jing4de   dui4  lao3hu3  shuo1: "ni3  zen3me  gan3  chi1wo3?  " 
lao3hu3  chi1jing1de  wen4: "wei4shen2me   wo3  bu4gan3  chi1ni3?"
hu2li  shuo1: "yin1wei4  shang4tian1  gang1gang1  pai4wo3  dao4  sen1lin2li3lai2,  zuo4  bai3shou4zhi1wang2.  tu2guo3  ni3  chi1le wo3,  ni3 jiu4  wei2fan3le   shang4tian1de   ming4ling4,  ni3  hui4   shou4dao4  shang4tian1de   cheng3fa2."
lao3hu2  kan4kan4   you4shou4you4xiao3de   hu2li,  gen1ben3  bu2 xiang1xin4  ta1  hui4shi4   xin1de  bai3shou4zhi1wang2.
hu2li  shuo1 : " ru2guo3  ni3   bu4  xiang1xin4 wo3,  ni3  gen1wo3  yi1qi3  qu4  jian4  bie2de dong44wu4,   kan4 ta1men   pa4bu2pa4 wo3."  lao3hu3  tong2yi4le .
yu2shi4,   hu2li zou3zai4   lao3hu3de   qian2mian,   lao3hu3  gen1zai4   hu2lide  hou4mian4,  wang3  sen1lin2  shen1chu4  zou3qu4.
ni3cai1   ling2yang2,  xiao3lu4,   tu4zi   kan4jian4  ta1men,    hui4bu2hui4   hai4pa4ne?  dang1ran2  dou1  xia4de   gan3jin3  tao2zou3le.   ke3shi4, ta1men  pa4de  bu2shi4  hu2li,  er2shi4   hu2li  shen1hou4 de   lao3hu3  a!

hu2li  de2yi4de   dui4  lao3hu3  shuo1,"  ni3kan4,   suo3you3de   dong4wu4  dou1pa4wo3!"
jiu4  zhe4yang4,  zhen1zheng4de  bai3shou4zhi1wang2  lao2hu3  shang4le  hu2li de   dang4,  yi3wei2  bie2de  dong4wu4  zhen1de   hai4pa4  hu2li  ne.

A tiger was looking for food in the forest. A fox suddenly ran past him. The tiger pounced upon him right away, and was about to eat him up. The sly fox knew that he could not get away, so pretending to be very calm, he said to the tiger, "how dare you eat me?"
Surprised, the tiger asked, "why dare I not eat you?"
The fox said, "that's because the heaven has just sent me to the forest to be the king of all the animals. If you ate me, you defied the heaven's order, and you will be punished."
The tiger looked at the fox, and could hardly believe the small skinny fox could be the new king.
The fox said, "if you don't believe me. Let's go to see the other animals together to find out if they are afaid of me or not." The tiger agreed to his idea.
So the fox walked in front of the tiger, and the tiger followed the fox. Together, they went deeper into the forest.
Can you guess whether they will scare the gazelles, deer and hares? Of course, they were all scared away. However, they were not afraid of the fox, but the tiger behind the fox!
The fox said to the tiger proudly, "you see, all the animals are afraid of me!"
In this way, the tiger, the real king of the animals, was fooled by the fox. He thought that the other animals are afaid of the fox.

This Chinese story resembles a Aesop's fable so much.  I guess the foxes are sly all over the world . The tiger is usually depicted  bold and powerful.  As the character “王” it carries on the forehead (王 means  the king), it is considered the king of the animal kingdom  in Chinese culture.  Yet, the tiger in this story is just as gullible  as a lot of  emperors in the Chinese history.
We use this idiom to describe a person who uses the power of another person to influence or bully people. For example, the driver of a car who violated the traffic rules shouted at the police who tried to detain him: "How dare you! My father is So And So!"

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