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彭祖的传说 The Legend of Peng Zu

Peng Zu is gesturing his age, 800.
As the legend goes, Peng Zu is the person who lived the longest time in Chinese history. For thousands of years, people are talking about his secret of longevity.  As we learned in following paragraphs, it has nothing to do with his genes because both his parents died when he was young.  Nor did he live a happy life, for he  saw a lot of death in the wars and  plagues. He suffered from the pain of losing his wives and sons. You will be surprised to find out how at the end of the story. Yet, it makes all the sense in the world.

传说彭祖是天帝的孙子。 他在母亲肚子里呆了3年,但是还不出来。后来他母亲用刀割开右边的腋窝, 生出3个儿子,又割开左边的腋窝,又生出3个儿子,彭祖是其中的一个儿子。

彭祖很有名,因为他是长寿的代表。商朝末年,彭祖已经活了767岁, 但是他看起来还很年轻,没有老年人的样子。商朝的皇帝听说后很羡慕,就派人去问他,有什么好办法可以健康长寿。

彭祖回答说:“我还没出生,我父亲就死了。母亲在我三岁的时候也死了,剩下我一个孤儿。后来我到处流浪,从我年轻到现在,有过49个妻子,但都死了,我的54个儿子也死了,剩下我一个老头子。 我一生经历了很多战争和磨难,吃的也不好,你看我有干又瘦,恐怕不久就要去见祖宗了,哪里有健康长寿的好办法啊!” 说完,他叹了一口气,就离开了.


大家都想知道彭祖长寿的秘密,有人说他常常吃一种草药,有人说他擅长做深呼吸。 实际上他擅长烧一种美味野鸡汤,送给天帝吃。天帝很喜欢他烧的这种汤, 心里一高兴就给他加了800年的寿命。

chuan2shuo1 peng2zu3 shi4 tian1di4de sun1zi. ta1 zai4 mu3qin1 du4zili3 dai1e san1nian2, dan4shi4 hai2 bu4 chu1lai2. hou4lai2 ta1 mu3qin1 yong4 dao1 ge1kai1 you4bian1de ye4wo1, sheng1chu1 san1ge4 er2zi, you4 ge1kai1 zuo3bian1de ye4wo1, you4 sheng1chu1 san3ge er2zi, peng2zu3 shi4 qi2zhong1de yi2ge4 er2zi.

peng2zu3 hen3 you3ming2, yin1wei4 ta1 shi4 chang2shou4de dai4biao3. shang1chao2 mo4nian2, peng2zu3 yi3jing1 huo2le qi1bai3 liu3shi2qi1 sui4, dan4shi4 ta1 kan4qi3lai2 hai2 hen3 nian2qing1, mei2you3 lao3nian2ren2de yang4zi. shang1chao2de huang2di4 ting1shuo1hou4 hen3 xian4mu4, jiu4 pai4ren2 qu4 wen4ta1, you3 shen2me hao3 ban4fa3 ke3yi3 jian4kang1 chang2shou4.

peng2zu3 hui2da2 shuo1: "wo3 hai2 mei2 chu1sheng1, wo3 fu4qin1 jiu4 si3le. mu3qin1 zai4 wo3 san1sui4 deshi2hou ye3 si3le, sheng4xia4 wo3 yi2ge4 gu1er2. hou4lai1 wo3 dao4chu4 liu2lang4, cong2 wo3 nian2qing1 dao4 xian4zai4, you3guo4 si4shi2jiu3 ge4 qi1zi, dan4 dou1 si3le, wo3de wu3shi2si4 ge4 er2zi ye3 si3le, sheng4xia4 wo3 yi2ge4 lao3tou2zi. wo3 yi4sheng1 jing1li4le hen3duo1 zhan4zheng1 he2 mo2nan4, chi1de ye3 bu4hao3, ni3 kan4 wo3 you4 gan1 you4shou4, kong3pa4 bu4jiu3 jiu4yao4 qu4 jian4 zu3zong1le, na3li3 you3 jian4kang1 chang2shou4de hao3 ban4fa3 a!" shuo1wan2, ta1 tan4le yi4kou3qi4, jiu4 li2kai1le.

you4 guo4le qi1shi2 nian2, you3ren2 zai4 xi1bu4de bian1jing4shang4, kan4jian4 peng2zu3 qi2zhe yi2ge4 luo4tuo, zai4 na4li3 man4man4de zou3.

da4jia1 dou1 xiang3 zhi1dao4 peng2zu3 chang2shou4de mi4mi, you3ren2 shuo1 ta1 chang2chang2 chi1 yi4zhong3 cao3yao4, you3ren2 shuo1 ta1 shan4chang2 zuo4 shen1hu1xi1. shi2ji4shang4, ta1 shan4chang2 shao1 yi4zhong3 mei3wei4 ye3ji1tang1, song4gei3 tian1di4 chi1. tian1di4 hen3 xi3huan1 ta1 shao1de zhe4zhong3tang1, xin1li3 yi4gao1xing4 jiu4 gei3ta1 jia1le ba1bai3nian de shou4ming4.

Peng Zu was the legendary grandson of the Heavenly King.  He stayed inside his mother for three years, but was still not born.  Later his mother cut open the rightside armpit with a knife,  and three sons were born. She cut open the leftside armpit,  and three more sons were born,one of which was Peng Zu.

Peng Zu was very famous because he was the representative of longevity.  In the last year of Shang Dynasty,  Peng Zu had live to 767 years old, but he still looked very young without any sign of the old age.  The emperor of the Shang Dynasty was very envious when hearing of him. So he sent his men to ask Peng Zu if he had some good methods to stay healthy and to live a long  life. 

Peng Zu replied: "My father died before I was born. My mother also died when I was three, leaving me an orphan. Later on I wandered about everywhere.  From when I was young to now, I have had 49 wives, all of which died. My 54 sons have all died too, leaving me alone an old man. In all my life, I have been through many wars and tortures. Neither was I well fed. Look,  I'm dry and skinny. I'm afraid I'm going to see my ancestors pretty soon. How come I have any good methods of staying healthy and living long life?" After that, he left with a sigh.

Another 70 years passed. Somebody spotted Peng Zu riding a camel slowly on the western frontier.

Everybody wants to know the longevity secrets of Peng Zu.  Some say he often took a kind of herbs. Some say he was good at deep breathing. As a matter of fact,  he was good at fixing  a kind of delicious game chicken soup, which he offered to the Heavenly King. The Heavenly King was very fond of the soup he made. On the impulse, the king happily added 800 years of life for him.

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