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木兰的故事 The Story of Mulan

This story is so popular in China that everybody knows it. Now it is well-known in the world ever since it was adapted into a Disney movie. Mulan was originally considered the role model of filial piety as she was enlisted in the place of her old father, but in the present medernized version, she is the convincing good example of independent adventurous female.

古时候有一个女孩子叫木兰, 她从小跟着父亲读书写字,平时帮母亲做家务,织布。她还特别喜欢骑马射箭,练得一身好武艺。有一天,父亲很着急地告诉她,马上要打仗了,每户人家都必须有一个人去当兵。但是因为木兰没有哥哥,弟弟还太小,看来父亲只能自己去了。木兰一边干活, 一边想着父亲说的话。 她想:“父亲已经很老了,身体又不好,怎么能离开家去当兵呢?”木兰想来想去,决定自己穿上男人的衣服代替父亲去当兵。
十二年过去了,仗打赢了,皇帝要奖励她,但是木兰既不要做官,也不要财物,只想要一匹快马,好让她立刻回家,皇帝高兴地派人送她回家。木兰回到家后,脱下打仗穿的衣服,换上女人穿的衣服,梳好头发,出来向送她回来的人道谢,那些人看了都非常惊讶。没想到一起打仗的战友竟是一位漂亮的姑娘。 木兰说: “两只兔子在地上一起跑,谁能看得出哪个是雄的,哪个是雌的呢?”

gu3shi2hou  you3 yi2ge4  nu3hai2zi  jiao4  mu4lan2,  ta1 cong2xiao3  geng1zhe fu4qin1  du2shu1 xie3zi4, ping2shi2  bang1  mu3qin zuo4jia1wu4,  zhi1bu4.  ta1 hai2  te4bie2 xi3huan1  qi2ma3,  she4jian4,  lian4de2  yi4shen1  hao3 wu3yi4.  you3yi4tian1,  fu4qin  hen3  zhao1ji2de  gao4su4 ta1,  ma3shang4 yao4  da3zhang4le,  mei3hu4  ren2jia1  dou1  bi4xu1  you3  yi2ge4 ren2   qu4  dang1bing1.  dan4shi4  yin1wei4   mu4lan2  mei2you3  ge1ge,  di4di  hai2 tai4xiao3,  kan4lai2  fu4qin  zhi3neng2  zi4ji3  qu4le.
mu4lan2  yi4bian1  gan4huo2,  yi4bian1  xiang3zhe  fu4qin   shuo1de hua4.  ta1xiang3: "fu4qin  yi3jing1  hen3lao3le,  shen1ti3  you4  bu4hao3,  zen3me  neng2  li2kai1  jia1  qu4  dang1bing1  ne? "  mu4lan2  xiang3lai2xiang3qu4,  jue2ding4   zi4ji3   chuan1shang4  nan2ren2de   yi1fu2  dai4ti4  fu4qin   qu4  dang1bing1.
mu4lan2  dang1le  bing1  yi3hou4,   he2   nan2bing1  yi2yang4,  nan2bing1   neng2zuo4de,  ta1  ye3  neng2 zuo4,   er2qie3   bi3  nan2bing1  zuo4de  geng4hao3.  da4jia1  dou1  yi3wei2   ta1  shi4  nan2de.  ta1  you4  cong1ming2   you4   yong3gan3,  chang2chang2  da3  sheng4zhang4.  ta1de  zhan4you3  dou1  hen3  jing4pei4 ta1.
shi2er4nian2   guo4qu4le,   zhang4   da3ying2le,  huang2di4   yao4   jiang3li4  ta1,   dan4shi4   mu4lan2  ji4  bu2yao4   zuo4guan1,  ye3  bu2yao4  cai2wu4,   zhi2xiang3  yao4  yi4pi1  kuai4ma3,  hao3rang4ta1   li4ke4   hui2jia1.   huang2di4  gao1xing4de   pai4ren2   song4  ta1  hui2jia1.    mu4lan2  hui2dao4  jia1  hou4,   tuo1xia4  da3zhang4   chuan1de    yi1fu2,   huan4shang4   nv3ren2  chuan1de  yi1fu2,   shu1hao3  tou2fa,   chu1lai2  xiang4  song4  ta1   hui2lai2de   ren2   dao4xie4,   na4xie1ren2   kan4le  dou1  fei1chang2   jing1ya4.  mei2xiang3dao4   yi1qi3   da3zhang4de   zhan4you3   jing4shi4   yi1wei4   piao4liang4 de    gu1niang2.   mu4lan2  shuo: " liang3zhi1   tu4zi   zai4  di4shang4   yi1qi3  pao3,  shei2  neng2  kan4dechu1   na3ge4   shi4   xiong2de,  na3ge4  shi4   ci1de  ne?"


In the past, there was a girl named Mulan. Since she was little, she learned to read and write after her father. In normal time, she would help her mother with house chores and weaving.  She was expecially fond of horse riding and archery. She had gained the great skills of martial arts. One day, her father very worriedly told her that the war was about to start and that one male from every family must be enlisted. But since Mulan had no elder brother, and her younger brother was too young, it seemed that the father had to join the army. Mulan was thinking about her father's words  as she worked. She thought," father is old already, and is also in poor health. How could he serve as a soldier outside of home?" She thought and thought. Finally she made up her mind to change into man's clothing and join the army in the place of her father.

After Mulan became a soldier, she could do whatever the other male soldiers would do, just like the other male soldiers, and could do even better than them. Everybody thought she was male. She was both smart and brave, and often won the battle.  All her friends respected her very much.
Twelve years passed, and there was the victory. The emperor wanted to reward her. But Mulan wanted neither high position in the court nor jewelry and money. What she wanted was a fast horse so that she could get home right away. The emperor was happy to send her home accompanied by other soldiers.  When Mulan got home, she took off her fighting robes and changed into women clothing. After she did her hair, she came out to say thank you to the men who accompanied her home. The men were very surprised to see her. The friend who fought together with them was unexpectedly a beautiful girl. Mulan said: "When two rabbits are running fast on the ground, who can tell which one is male and which one is female?"

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