Sunday, September 11, 2011

Try this simple food recipe if you are suffering from Gout

Besides avoiding food with high purine content, you can also try the some herbal tea of sarsaparilla, yarrow, rose seeds or peppermint, etc.
Eating lots of cherries can also help easing the pain.
I'm introducing one more simple food recipe here to those who are suffering from gout.

1. venigar made of grains (4%-5%): 12 bottles (1lb each)
2. fresh lemons: 10 lb
3. orange peels: 0.5lb
4. sugar: 8-12lbs as you prefer
5. egg shells: 25

1.slice lemons (The thinner the better)
2. place the lemon slices in a glass container
3. pour in venigar
4. add orange peels and egg shells
5. add sugar
6. mix and seal for 2-3 months.
7. strain and pour the liquid back into the original vinegar bottles.

Add 20--30cc vinegar eggshell liquid to 200-300cc water. Combine and drink it.
This special drink can also encourage better metabolism, defer senility, get rid of fatigue and dark spots on the skin.

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