Tuesday, September 20, 2011

这人生来性子急 This Man was Born Impatient

This rhyme is hilarious if you can imagine the picture in your mind.  In Chinese culture, it's a great virtue to take everything easy and do it in a relaxed manner, especially for a young person. So we've got plenty of stories that mock people of hotheads.


zhe4  ren2  sheng1lai2  xing4zi  ji2,
qing1cheng2  zao3qi3  qu4  gan3ji2.
cuo4  chuan1le   lv4  bu4ku4,
dao4  qi2le  yi4tou2 lv2.

This man was born of impatient disposition.
One day he rose at early morning to hurry to a fair.
He put on (his wife's) green cotton pants by mistake.
And he rode his donkey with his face toward its tail!

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