Monday, September 5, 2011

东施的故事 The Story of Dong Shi

That explains why a lot of times we bought clothes that look so nice and elegant on the model, but found they look awkward even ugly on us. In fact,  I myself made a lot of mistakes like this when I was younger.
I heard some girls spent a lot of money adding a mole on the face, thinking it's as sexy as the one of Cindy Crawford. Anyway, that's what  fashion is about.

Xi Shi is considered one of the four beauties in Ancient China.  Later, she died tragically in order to win the war against the enemy state called Wu.

中国古代有一个村子,村子的西边住着一个姑娘,名叫西施,大家都认为她长得非常美。 村子的东边住着一个叫东施的姑娘,她看见西施那么好看,听见别人都说西施漂亮,非常羡慕。有一天,西施病了,皱着眉头,从东施的家门口走过。东施看见了,觉得西施皱着眉头的样子比平时还要好看, 就模仿西施的样子,整天皱着眉头走来走去。没想到,大家见了她,不是赶紧关上门不出来了,就是赶紧走开了。东施觉得很奇怪,她不明白为什么西施皱眉好看,她皱眉就不好看呢?

zhong1guo2  gu3dai4  you3  yi2ge4  cun1zi,  cun1zi de  xi1bian1  zhu4zhe  yi2ge4  gu1niang,  ming2 jiao4  xi1shi1. da4jia1  dou1  ren4wei2  ta1 zhang3de  fei1chang2  mei3.  cun1zi de  dong1bian1  zhu4zhe yi2ge4  jiao4  dong1shi1de  gu1niang,  ta1 kan4jian4   xi1shi1  na4me  hao3kan4,  ting1jian4  bie2ren2  dou1  shuo1  xi1shi1  piao4liang,  fei1chang2  xian4mu4.  you3yi1tian1,  xi1shi1  bing4le,  zhou4zhe  mei2tou2,  cong2  dong1shi1de  jia1men2kou3  zou3guo4.  dong1shi1  kan4jian4le,  jue2de   xi1shi1  zhou4zhe  mei2tou2 de yang4zi  bi3  ping2shi2  hai2yao4  hao3kan4,  jiu4  mo2fang3  xi1shi1 de yang4zi,  zhen3tian1  zhou4zhe  mei2tou2  zou3lai2zou3qu4.  mei2xiang3dao4,  da4jia1  jian4le ta1,  bu2shi4  gan3jin3  guan1shang4men2  bu4chu1lai2le,  jiu4shi4  gan3jin3  zou3kai1le.  dong1shi1  jue2de  hen3 qi2guai4,  ta1  bu4 ming2bai2  wei4shen2me  xi1shi1  zhou4mei2  hao3kan4, ta1  zhou4mei2  jiu4  bu4 hao3kan4 ne?


There was a village in ancient China. On the west side of the village lived a girl called Xi Shi. Everybody thought  she was extremely beautiful.  On the east side of the village lived another girl called Dong Shi. She was very envious when she saw pretty Xi Shi, and when she heard all the compliments to Xi Shi. One day, Xi Shi was sick. Dong Shi saw her when she  was walking past the front of Dong Shi's house, frowning.  Dong Shi thought Xi Shi looked even more beautiful than before when she frowned. So she tried to mimic the way Xi Shi frowned and walked about in that way. To her great surprise, people either turned away in a hurry, or hurriedly closed their doors.  Dong Shi felt very puzzled. She didn't understand why Xi Shi looked so cute frowning, but she looked terrible when she tried to copy Xi Shi's frowning.

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