Saturday, September 10, 2011

养只猪, 吃口肉 Raise a Pig for Pork

After reading this nursrey rhyme, you probably would think: "uhm,  Chinese people are indeed vey practical." In fact, Chinese people traditionally are not good at expressing their love vocally, especially to their close ones. So don't be horrified if you hear old wives calling their husbands "the one worth a thousand slashes" instead of "honey".

养只猪, 吃口肉;
养只鸡, 吃个蛋。

yang3  zhi1  zhu1,  chi1  kou3  rou4.
yang3   zhi1  ji1,  chi1  ge4  dan4.
yang3   zhi1  gou3,  hui4  kan4  jia1.
yang3   zhi1 mao1,  hui4  zhua1  shu1.
 yang3    ni3  zhe4  hai1zi   you3  sha2yong4?

A pig will leave us with a bite of pork;
A hen will leave us with an egg;
We keep a dog to guard the house;
We keep a cat to catch the mouse;
But what 's the use of raising a child like you?

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