Sunday, September 25, 2011

梁上君子 The Gentleman on the Beam

你知道为什么中国人把小偷也叫做“梁上君子”吗? 中国汉朝有一个陈先生, 很会教育人, 所以他的孩子都很听话。 有一天晚上,一个小偷来到他家,蹲在他家的屋梁上,正准备下来偷东西,没想到陈先生从外边回来了,他一进来就看见了小偷。但是他没有马上叫人来抓他,而是假装没看见,把自己的孩子叫来, 很认真的对他们说: “一个人要经常提醒自己不能做坏人。 坏人不是生下来就是坏人, 而是因为经常做坏事, 慢慢地才变成了坏人, 就像梁上的哪位君子一样。”小偷听了吓得从屋梁上掉了下来。
ni3  zhi1dao4  wei4shen2me  zhong1guo2ren2 ba3  xiao3tou1  ye3 jiao4zuo4 "liang2shang4   jun1zi ma?  zhong1guo2  han4chao2  you3 yi2ge4  chen2xian1sheng1,  hen3hui4  jiao4yu4 ren2,  suo3yi3  ta1de  hai2zi  dou1hen3 ting1hua4.  you3yi4tian1  wan3shang4,  yi2ge4  xiao3tou1  lai2dao4 ta1jia1,  dun1zai4  ta1jia1de   wu1liang2shang4,  zheng4  zhun3bei4  xia4lai2  tou1dong1xi,   mei2xiang3dao4  chen2 xian1sheng1  cong2  wai4bian1  hui2lai2le,  ta1 yi2jing4lai2  jiu4  kan4jian4le  xiao3tou1.   dan4shi4  ta1 mei2you3   ma3shang4  jiao4ren2  lai2  zhua1 ta1,  er2shi4  jia3zhuang1  mei2 kan4jian4,  ba3 zi4ji3de  hai2zi   jiao4lai2,  hen3 ren4zhen1de  dui4  ta1men  shuo1: "yi2ge4ren2  yao4  jing1chang2  ti2xing3  zi4ji3  bu4neng2  zuo4  huai4ren2.  huai4ren2  bu2shi4  sheng1xia4lai2  jiu4shi4  huai4ren2,  er2shi4  yin1wei4  jing1chang2  zuo4  huai4shi4,  man4man4de  cai2  bian4cheng2le  huai4ren2,  jiu4xiang4  liang2shang4de  na4wei4  jun1zi3  yi2yang4."  xiao3tou1  ting1le  xia4de  cong2  wu1liang2shang4     diao4le  xia4lai2.

Do you know why thieves are also called "gentlemen upon the beam" in Chinese?  There was a Mr. Chen in the  Han Dynasty in China, who was good at giving people lectures. So all of his children were very obedient. One night, a thief came to his house and was squatting on the beam of his house. He was about to come down to steal things when unexpectedly Mr. Chen came home from outside. As soon as he entered the room he spotted the thief. However, he didn't call others to catch him right away. Instead, he pretended to have not seen the thief, and summoned his own children. He said to them very seriously: " A man needs to remind himself frequently not to be a bad guy.  A bad guy was not born to be bad.  But because he often did bad things, he would gradually turn bad...  just like the gentleman on the beam!"  Hearing this, the thief was so scared that he fell down from the beam.


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