Friday, September 30, 2011

破镜重圆 The Broken Pieces of Mirror Joined Each Other Again

This expression is now used to describe that a separated family got reunited.  Many traditional Chinese dramas have an ending of happy reunion like this one.
The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year.
NanJing was the capital city of the country at that time.

从前南京城里有一个人, 姓徐, 刚刚结婚, 夫妻俩非常恩爱,幸福。可是,那个时候马上要打仗了,大家都逃到乡下。 徐先生怕万一他和妻子路上走丢了怎么办? 就把家里的一面镜子分成两半, 一半给他的妻子, 一半自己留着。说好元宵节时,他们在街上, 一个人买镜子,一个卖镜子,用这样的方法来找到对方。

仗打起来以后,徐先生的妻子真的走丢了。徐先生非常想念妻子,元宵节那天就去街上找卖镜子的人。他看到一位老人正在卖半面镜子, 就拿出自己的半面镜子,两面镜子正好对上。原来是他的妻子让老人替她卖镜子找丈夫的。 徐先生就这样找到了他的妻子。

cong2qian2  nan2jing1  cheng2li3  you3  yi2ge4 ren2,  xing4 xu2,  gang1gang1  jie2hun1,  fu1qi1lia3  fei1chang2  en1ai4,  xin4fu2.  ke3shi4,  na4ge4shi2hou  ma3shang4 yao4  da3zhang4le,   da4jia1  dou1  tao2 dao4  xiang1xia4.  xu2xian1sheng1  pa4  wan4yi1  ta1 he2  qi1zi  lu4shang4  zou3diu1le  zen3me ban4? jiu4ba3  jia1li3de  yi2mian4 jing4zi  fen1cheng2  liang3ban4,  yi2ban4  gei3  ta1de  qi1zi,  yi2ban4  zi4ji3  liu2zhe.  shuo1hao3  yuan2xiao1jie2 shi2,  ta1men  zai4 jie1shang4,  yi2ge4ren2  mai3jing4zi,  yi2ge4  mai4 jing4zi,  yong4  zhe4yang4de  fang1fa3  lai2  zhao3dao4  dui4fang1.
zhang4  da3qi3lai2  yi3hou4,  xu2xian1sheng1  de  qi1zi  zhen1de  zou3diu1le.  xu2xian1sheng1   fei1chang2  xiang3nian4  qi1zi.  yuan2xiao1jie2na4tian1   jiu4 qu4  jie1shang4  zhao3  mai4  jing4zi de ren2.  ta1 kan4dao4  yi2wei4  lao3ren2  zheng4zai4  mai4  ban4mian4 jing4zi,  jiu4  na2chu1  zi4ji3de  ban4mian4  jing4zi,  liang3mian4  jing4zi  zheng4hao3  dui4shang4.  yuan2lai2  shi4  ta1de  qi1zi  rang4  lao3ren2  ti4 ta1  mai4 jing4zi  zhao3  zhang4fu de.  xu2xian1sheng1  jiu4  zhe4yang4  zhao3dao4le   ta1de  qi1zi.

Long time ago,  in the city of NanJing lived a man, whose family name was Xu. Xu had just got married. The couple loved each other very much, and lived happily together.  However, at that time a war was about to break out, and everybody escaped to the countryside. Mr. Xu was afraid what to do in case he and his wife got lost on the way. So he separated one of their mirrors into two halves. He gave one half to his wife and he himself kept the other half.  They arranged a way to find each other later. On the Lantern Festival day,  one of them would try to sell mirrors in the( main) street, and the other would try to buy a mirror.
After the war started, Mr. Xu's wife did get lost. Mr. Xu missed his wife very much. On the Lantern Festival, he went to look for sellers of mirrors in the street. He saw an old man selling half of a mirror, so he took out his own half of the mirror. The two halves matched each other. It turned out that the old man was asked by Xu's wife to sell the mirror to find her husband. In this way, Mr. Xu found his wife.

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