Thursday, September 15, 2011

画蛇添足 Add Feet When Drawing a Snake

Is it silly to add feet when drawing a snake? Well, I've made similar mistakes like this many times. Sometimes, only a cup of wine was lost, but other times more can be missed.

古时候,有一个人请朋友们喝酒。但是来了很多朋友,他原来准备的的酒不够多。于是,他对朋友们说: “ 这些酒你们几个人喝,不够。 一个人又喝不完。请你们在地上画一条蛇,谁先画完,谁就先喝酒。好不好?” 大家都同意他的建议。
有一个人画得特别快,第一个画好了。他高兴地拿起酒杯喝了一口酒,看见别人都没画完,得意地说: “我还能给我的蛇画上脚呢!”说着他继续画。 但是,他还没把脚画好, 另一个人就把一条蛇画完了, 把酒杯拿过去说: “蛇本来没有脚, 你怎么能给蛇加上脚呢?这酒应该是我的。”说完他就把酒都喝了。

gu3shi2hou,   you3  yi2ge4ren2  qing3  peng2you3men   he1jiu3. dan4shi4  lai2le  hen3duo1  peng2you3,  ta1  yuan2lai2   zhun3bei4de  jiu3  bu2gou4duo1.  yu2shi4,  ta1  dui4  peng2you3men  shuo1: "zhe4xie1jiu3   ni3men  ji3ge4ren2  he1,  bu2gou4.  yi2ge4ren2  you4  he1bu4wan2.  qing3  ni3men   zai4  di4shang4   hua4  yi4tiao2she2,  shei2  xian1  hua4wan2,  shei2  jiu4  xian1  he1jiu3.  haobu4hao3?"  da4jia1  dou1  tong2yi4  ta1de  jian4yi4.

you3  yi2ge4ren2  hua4de   te4bie2kuai4,  di4yi1ge4  hua4hao3le.  ta1 gao1xing4de  na2qi3  jiu3bei1  he1le
yi4kou3jiu3,   kan4jian4   bie2ren2  dou1  hai2 mei2  hua4wan2,  de2yi4de  shuo1: "wo3  hai2neng2  gei3  wo3de  she2  hua4shang4  jiao3ne!"  shuo1zhe   ta1  ji4xu4  hua4.  dan4shi4,  ta1  hai2mei2  ba3  jiao3  hua4hao3,  ling4yi2ge4ren2  jiu4  ba3  yi4tiao2she2  hua4wan2le,  ba3 jiu3bei1   na2guo4qu4  shuo1: "she2  beng3lai2  mei2you3  jiao3,  ni3  zen3me   neng2  gei3  she2  jia1shang4  jiao3ne?"  zhe4  jiu3  ying1gai1  shi4  wo3de. ” shuo1wan2  ta1  jiu4  ba3  jiu3  dou1  he1le.


In ancient time,  a man invited his friends to drinks. However, many friends showed up, and the winel he prepared originally was not enough. Therefore,  he said to his friends: " the wine is not enough for all of you, but it is more than one person can drink. Would you please draw a snake on the ground? Whoever finishes drawing first will drink first, OK?" Everyone agreed to his suggestion.
One man drew very fast and finished the first. He happily picked up the glass and took a drink. Seeing the others were still not done, he said in elation: "I can still add some feet to my snake!" Then he went on to draw. However,  before he could finish drawing the snake's feet, another man was done with drawing his snake. So he took the glass and said: " Snakes don't have feet anyway. How can you add feet to your snake? This drink should be mine."  That said, he drank up the wine

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