Wednesday, August 10, 2011

你这孩子爱淘气 You Little Kid Likes to Play Naughty Tricks

Have you wished that your naughty little ones would stay at the camp longer as you are enjoying your precious quiet moment at home? This one is told from the point of view of a mother.  It sounds a milder form of threatening to me. As I grew up, I've heard many stronger versions than this.  For example, "I'll give you away to the beggar if you don't behave yourself!" Or " I'll call for the big bad wolf  if you don't stop!" But the little ones have become smarter now than we used to be, aren't they?


ni3  zhe4  hai2zi  ai4  tao2qi4,
song4  ni3  qu5   nan2shan1   kan5  gua1di4.
deng3dao4  gua1er  dou1  shu2tou4le,
wo3  cai2  rang4 ni3  hui2jia1  qu4.

You little kid likes to play naughty tricks,
I'll send you to the melon fields at the Southern Mountain to watch (out for thieves) .
You stay there till all the melons are completely ripe,
Then you are allowed to go home.

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