Thursday, August 25, 2011

井底的青蛙 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well

How do we know if we are not the frog inside a well? We'll never know the truth if the sea turtle didn't show up.

I admire the bear who went over the mountain to see what's on the other side of the mountain. However, I'm sure the frog would be quite content to continue living inside the well even if he has learned about the great exciting sea. His life in the well is indeed very peaceful and comfortable. As a Chinese saying goes: "My nest made of hay is much better than gold and silver nests that belong to others."

很久很久以前,在一口老井里住着一只青蛙。 一天,青蛙在井边遇到一只从东海来的大龟。青蛙就对海龟说:“你看,我住的地方多好啊!世界上没有比我的井更好的地方了。 如果我想玩,就可以跳到井边玩。 玩腻了,就回到井里休息一下,露出头和嘴巴,安安静静地泡在水里, 这多方便啊!或者在软软的泥里散散步,也很舒适。而且,我是这个井里的主人,想做什么就做什么,你为什么不进来看看呢?”

那海龟听了青蛙的话,就到井里去看了看。觉得井里不像青蛙说得那么好,又小又黑,一点儿意思都没有, 就对青蛙说:“你看见过大海吗?闹水灾的时候,海水不会多很多。很长时间不下雨,海水也不会少很多。 住在大海里才真的快乐呢!”


hen3jiu3  hen3jiu3  yi3qian2,  zai4  yi4kou3 lao3jing3li3  zhu4zhe  yi4zhi1 qing1wa1.  yi4tian1,  qing1wa1  zai4  jing3bian1  yu4dao4  yi4zhi1   cong2  dong1hai3lai2 de   da4gui1.   qing1wa1  jiu4 dui4  hai3gui1  shuo1: "ni3kan4,  wo3  zhu4de  di4fang  duo1 hao3 a!  shi4jie4shang4   mei2you3  bi3  wo3de  jing3  geng4hao3de  di4fang le.  ru2guo3  wo3  xiang3  wan2,  jiu4  ke3yi3   tiao4dao4  jing3bian1  wan2.  wan2ni4le,   jiu4  hui2dao4   jing3li3  xiu1xi  yi2xia4,  lu4chu1   tou2 he2  zui3ba,  an1an1jing4jing4de   pao4zai4   shui3li3,  zhe4  duo1  fang1bian4a!  huo4zhe3   zai4  ruan3ruan3de  ni2li3  san4san4bu4,  ye3hen3  shu1shi4.  er2qie3,  wo3  shi4  zhe4ge4  jing3li3de  zhu3ren2,  xiang3 zuo4  shen2me  jiu4 zuo4  shen2me,  ni3 wei4shen2me   bu4 jin4lai2  kan4kan4 ne?"
na4  hai3gui1  ting1le  qing1wa1de  hua4,  jiu4 dao4  jing3li3  qu4  kan4lekan4.  jue2de  jing3li3  bu1xiang4  qing1wa1 shuo1de  na4me  hao3,  you4xiao3  you4hei1, yi1dian3r   yi4si  dou1  mei2you3,  jiu4 dui4  qing1wa1  shuo1: " ni3  kan4jian4  guo4  da4hai3 ma?  nao4  shui3zai1  deshi2hou4,  hai3shui3  bu2hui4  duo1 hen3duo1. hen3chang2  shi2jian1   bu4  xia4yu3,  hai3shui3  ye3  bu2hui4  shao3  hen3duo1.  zhu4  zai4  da4hai3li3  cai2  zhen1de  kaui4le4ne!"
qing1wa1  ting1le  fei1chang2  bu4hao3  yi4si,  ta1  zhe4  cai2  ming2bai2  zi4ji3  zhi1dao4de tai4shao3le.


A long long time ago,  in a deserted well lived a frog. One day, on the edge of the well, the frog met a big turtle from the East Sea.  The frog said to the turtle: "Look, what a nice place I'm living at! No place in the world can be better than my well. If I feel like playing, I can jump onto the edge of the well and play there.  If I'm tired of playing, I will return to the well and take a rest. I'll soaking myself in the water quietly, showing only my head and mouth. How convenient it is! Or I could take a walk in the soft mud, and it is also very relaxing. Moreover,  I'm the master of the well. So I can do anything I want. Why don't you come inside and have a look?

Hearing this, the turtle went inside the well and took a look.  It was a small dark place, not interesting at all. He felt it was not as nice as the frog talked about. So he said to the frog,  "Have you ever see the sea? In times of flooding, the water in the sea didn't increase much. If it doesn't rain for a long time, the sea water won't decrease much either.  It is real happiness to live in the sea!"

The frog was very embarassed when he heard this. He then realized that he didn't know  a lot (about the outside world).

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