Saturday, July 30, 2011

拉大锯,推大锯 We Pull, We Push the Big Saw

This nursery rhyme is chanted as you rock back and forth holding the hands of your partner. In the past, an opera troupe would be hired for occasions such as birthday celebrations, wedding, new born baby, etc. Without much other entertainment, this kind of performance was really something to look forward to.
GuNiang has two meanings. One is "girls"; the other is "the married daughter who lives with her husband's family".

la1  da4ju4,  tui1  da4ju4,
yong4  mu4tou2.  gai4  fang2zi.
la1da4ju4,   tui1  da4ju4,
nai3nai  men2kou3  chang4  da4xi4.
jie1  gu1niang,   qing3  nu3xu4,
xiao3hai2er   gen1zhe  pao3lequ4.


We pull, we push the big saw,
To build a house with the wood.
We pull, we push the big saw,
A grand opera was put on in front of grandma's house.
(She) picked up the daughters, and invited the son-in-laws.
Even the little kids came chasing (after their parents).

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