Wednesday, July 20, 2011

太阳出来一点红 The Sun Rises, a Ball of Red

You can surely sense the happiness of the little one as you read this nursery rhyme. "I'm going much faster than my master!" As Chinese dragons live in the water, it can swim and fly as well.


tai4yang2  chu1lai2  yi4dian3  hong3.
shi1fu4  qi2ma3  wo3  qi2  long2.
shi1fu4  qi2ma3  yan2  jie1  zou3,
wo3  qi2  bai2long2  shui3shang4  you2.


As the sun came up, a ball of red,
My master rode his horse while I rode my dragon.
My master rode his horse along the street,
I rode my white dragon in the water.

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