Tuesday, July 5, 2011

高高山上一棵麻 On the top of a Mountain

We have quite a lot of rhymes that start with " On the top of a mountain there was a ...". It must be an interesting beginning for a story. This one sounds like a tongue twist to me. Try it out for yourself.


gao1gao1  shan1shang4  yi4ke1ma2,
you3ge4   zhe1liao  wang3shang4  pa2.
wo3  wen4  zhi1liao   ni3  shang4  na3?
ta1  shuo1  ke3le  yao4  chi1  ma2.

On the top of a mountain
There was a hemp.
And up it a cicada was climbing.
 I asked the cicada: "Where are you going?"
He said he was thirsty and wanted to eat the hemp.

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