Saturday, June 25, 2011

小小孩儿开饭馆儿 A wee little Child has Opened a Restaurant

Most of children are fond of “play house". To play restaurant is more fun!
This rhyme plays with the "er” sound, which is typical of Beijing Dialect.


xiao3  xiao3 hai2er  kai1  fan4guan3er.
kai1kai1  fan4dian4er  liang3 shan4  men2er.
xiao3 zhuo1zi er   xiao3  qi3zier.
wu1mu4  kuai4zier xiao3  fan4 wan3er.


A wee little child has opened a restaurant,
The restaurant opens and the child opens two doors.
There's a wee little table, a wee little chair,
Some ebony chopsticks, and a wee little bowl.

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