Monday, June 13, 2011

一张画儿 A Painting

Is this story a classical joke about modern arts?  I found it everywhere. It does prove that a piece of white paper is full of possibilities. I hear another version of the story is a piece of black paper with the tile "The Owl Eats the Mouse".

有一天, 张文去参加李朋的生日晚会, 看到李朋画的画儿很好, 就说: “李朋, 你可以给我画一张画儿吗?” 李朋笑着说: “可以,你下个星期六来拿吧。”
到了星期六, 张文又来到李朋家。 他进门就问: “你给我的画儿画好了吗?” 李朋说: “画好了。” 张文问: “ 在哪儿呢?” 李朋说: “在这儿。” 张文一看, 是一张白纸, 就说: “你还没画呀?”李朋说: “画了, 我画的是牛吃草。” 张文说: “ 这儿没有草啊!” 李朋说: “草都被牛吃了。” 张文问: “那牛呢?” 李朋说: “没有草了,牛还在这里做什么?”

you3yi4tian1, zhang1wen2  qu4  can1jia1  li3peng2de  sheng1ri4 wan3hui4,  kan4dao4  li3peng2  hua4de  hua4er  hen3hao3,  jiu4 shuo1: "li3peng2,  ni3  ke3yi3  gei3 wo3  hua4  yi4zhang1hua4er ma1?"  li3peng2  xiao4zhe  shuo1:" ke3yi3, ni3  xia4ge4  xing1qi1liu4  lai2 na2ba." 
dao4le   xing1qi1liu4,  zhang1wen2   you4  lai2dao4  li3peng2 jia1. ta1  jin4men2jiu4wen4:" ni3 gei3  wo3de  hua4er  hua4hao3lema? "  li3peng2shuo1:"hua4hao3le."  zhang1wen2 wen4 :"zai4  na3er ne?" li3peng2shuo1: "zai4  zhe4er."  zhang1wen2 yi2kan4,  shi4  yi4zhang1  bai2zhi3,  jiu4shuo1: "ni3 mei2 hua4 a!"  li3peng2 shuo1: "hua4le, wo3 hua4de  shi4  niu2 chi1  cao3."  zhang1wen2 shuo1: "zhe4er  mei2you3  cao3  a!"  li3peng2 shuo1: "cao3  dou1  bei4  niu2  chi1le."  zhang1wen2  wen4: "na4  niu2  ne?"   li3peng2 shuo1: "mei2you3 cao3le,  niu2  hai2zai4  zhe4li3  zuo4shen2me?"

One day,  Zhang Wen went to Li Peng's birthday party. He saw that the paintings done by Li Peng were very good. So he said: "Li Peng, can you paint a painting for me?"  Li Peng said while smiling:"Okay, you come to pick it up next Saturday."
It was Saturday. Zhang Wen came to Li Peng's place again.  He asked once he entered the room:" Are you done with the painting for me?"  Li Peng said:" Yes, it's done." Zhang Wen asked:"where is it?"   Li Peng said:" It's here."  Zhang Wen took a look and saw a piece of white paper. So he said:" Oh, you didn't paint it yet." Li Peng said:"I did. What I painted is a cow grazing."  Zhang1wen2 said:"But here is no grass!" Li Peng said:" the grass was eaten by the cow."  Zhang Wen asked:"How about th cow then?"  Li Peng said:" With the grass gone, why would the cow still be here?"

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