Saturday, May 7, 2011

摇啊摇,摇到外婆桥 Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Mother's mom is called "Wai Po" in Chinese. Usually, mother's mom is lot dearer to the children than father's mom (Nai Nai). The reason is that traditionally the children live with the father's family instead of the mother's family. Therefore, they see Nai Nai every day, but visit Wai Po only occasionally. On those rare occasions, Wai Po always try all the means to entertain the grandchild. They will never try to discipline the children like the parents. Well, in China, the best way Wai Po can think of to entertain children is to offer them with lots of snacks.

摇啊摇, 摇到外婆桥。yao2 a yao2, yao2 dao4 wai4po2 qiao2.

外婆对我笑, wai4po2 dui4 wo3 xiao4,

叫我好宝宝。jiao4 wo3 hao3 bao3bao

糖一包, 果一包,tang2 yi4bao1, guo3 yi4bao1,

吃完饼儿还有糕。chi1 wan2 bing3er hai2you3 gao1.


Row, row, row the boat, row to the Wai Po's bridge,

Wai Po smiled to me,

And called me darling ,

She gave me a pack of candies, and a pack of fruits,

After I ate up the cookies, there was also rice cake.

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