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牛郎织女 The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver


One of the classic Chinese love stories, there are many different versions of this story. Over the time, it has been adapted into many local operas and movies.
The names of the two characters literally means "weaving girl and cow boy", since Zhi Nv weaves a special pretty fabric for the gods and goddesses in the heaven, while Niu Lang herds cows down on the earth. One of Niu Lang's cow is actually a god from
 the heaven but punished to the man's world. Du to his help, Niu Lang is able to run into Zhi Nv in the first place, and is able to chase Zhi Nv to the heaven in the end of the story.
WangMu NiangNiang is the mother of the emperor in the heaven, so according to the Chinese traditon, she has more power than the emperor. All the gods and goddesses have to listen to her instead of her son. The Silver River is the Milky Way. 

织女是王母娘娘的外孙女。 有一次,她在人间游玩的时候,遇见了牛郎。两人一见钟情, 织女就不回天上了,留在人间和牛郎结婚了。结婚后,牛郎种地,织女织布,两个人一起生活得很幸福。 不久, 他们有了一个可爱的儿子和女儿。
zhi4nv3  shi4 wang2mu3niang2niang de wai4 sun1nv.  you3yi2ci4,  ta1 zai4 ren2jian1 you2wan2de  shi2hou4,  yu4jian4le  niu2lang2.  liang3ren2  yi2jian4zhong1qing2.  zhi4nv3 jiu4  bu4hui2  tian1shang4le.  liu2zai4  ren2jian1  he2 niu2lang2  jie1hun1le.  jie1hun1hou4,  niu2lang2  zhong4di4, zhi4nv3  zhi4bu4.  liang3ge4ren2  yi1qi3  sheng1huo2de  hen3xin4fu2. bu4jiu3,  ta1men  you3le  yi1ge4  ke3ai4de  er2zi he2 nv3er2.

王母娘娘知道后,很生气,派天神把织女抓回天上。牛郎挑着一儿一女,赶紧来追,越追越近,马上就要追上织女了。这时, 王母娘娘从头发里拔出一个金发夹, 在织女和牛郎中间画了一条线,立刻出现了一条大河。这就是银河。两个孩子哭着喊着要妈妈, 织女伤心极了。 

wang2mu3niang2niang  zhi1dao4 hou4,  hen3sheng1qi4, pai4 tian1shen2  ba3 zhi4nv3  zhua1 hui2 tian1shang4.  niu2lang2  tiao1zhe  yi1er2 yi1nv3,  gan3jin3  lai2zhui1.  yue4zhui1yue4jin4,  ma3shang4  jiu4yao4  zhui1shang4  zhi4nv3le.  zhe4shi2,  wang2mu3niang2niang  cong2 tou2fali3  ba2chu1  yi1ge4  jin1 fa4jia2,  zai4  zhi4nv3 he2 niu2lang2  zhong1jian1  hua4le  yi1tiao2xian4.  li4ke4  chu1xian4le  yi1tiao2  da4he2.  zhe4 jiu4shi4  yin2he2.  liang3ge4  hai2zi  ku1zhe han3zhe  yao4  ma1ma.  zhi4nv3  shang1xin1 ji2le.
王母娘娘回去后,有点后悔,就准许织女和牛郎每年的七月七日见一次面。到了七月七日那天 , 人间所有的喜鹊都飞到银河那里,搭成一座桥,让织女过河去和牛郎、孩子们见面。所以那天在人间,喜鹊都不见了。

wang2mu3niang2niang  hui2qu4hou4, you3dian3  hou4hui3, jiu4  zhun3xu3 zhi4nv3 he2 niu2lang2  mei3nian2de qi1yue4  qi1ri4  jian4 yi2ci4mian4.  dao4le  qi1yue4 qi1ri4 na4tian1, ren2jian1  suo3you3d xi3que4  dou1  fei1dao4  yin2he2 na4li3,  da1cheng2  yi1zuo4 qiao2,  rang4  zhi4nv3 guo4he2qu4 he2  niu2lang2 , hai2zimen  jian4mian4. suo3yi3  na4tian1  zai4 ren2jian1,  xi3que4 dou1  bu2jian4le.


Zhi Nv was the granddaughter of Emperor's mother in the heaven. Once when she was playing in Man's world, she ran into Niu Lang. It was love at the first sight. Zhi Nv didn't return to the heaven. She stayed in Man's world and got married with Niu Lang. After they were married, Niu Lang worked in the fields, and Zhi Nv worked at the loom. They lived very happily together. Soon they had a lovely son and a daughter.
The Emperor's mother was very angry when she learned about this. She sent a god to seize Zhi Nv back to the heaven. Carrying their son and daughter on a bamboo pole, Niu Lang ran after them in a hurry.  Getting closer and closer, he was about to catch up with Zhi Nv. At that moment, the Emperor's mother pulled a golden hair pin from her hair and drew a line between Zhi Nv and Niu Lang. A big river appeared right away. This is the Silver River. The two children cried for their mom. Zhi Nv was very sad.
Having returned to her place, the Emperor's mother was a little regretful. So she allowed Zhi Nv could meet Niu Lang once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month. On that day, all the magpies in Man's world would fly to the Silver River to build up a bridge so that Zhi Nv could walk across the river to meet Niu Lang and her children. Therefore, no magpies can be seen in Man's world on that day.

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