Sunday, May 22, 2011

数腿 Counting Legs

Learn to say the animal names in Chinese!

小黑鸡, 两条腿。xiao3hei1ji1, liang3tiao2tui3.
大黄牛,四条腿。da4huang2niu2, si4tiao2tui3.
蜜蜂六条腿,mi4feng1 liu6tiao2tui3.
蜘蛛八条腿。zhi1zhui1 ba1tiao2tui3.
螃蟹十条腿。pang2xie shi2tiao2tui3.
蚯蚓金鱼没有腿。qiu1yin3 jin1yu2 mei2you3 tui3.

The little black chicken has two legs.

The big yellow buffalo has four legs.

Bees have six legs.

Spiders have eight legs.

Crabs have ten legs.

Earth worms and gold fish have no legs.

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