Monday, April 18, 2011

What would Michael Jackson think of the New Recesss Workout at the Chinese School?

As it turns out to be one of the hottest videos on a Chinese news website last week,  I wonder what Michael Jackson would think of the new recess workout at an elementary school in Sichuan, China, where all the 700 pupils mimic his moves at the school playground every morning.  The four-minute-workout is a replica of the typical dancing moves of Michael Jackson, and is the replacement of traditional recess workout for Chinese students designed by the General Administration of Physical Education of China. (Please refer to my previous post )

I guess the principal and the teachers at the school  are bored with the same old workout every day, so they came up with this novel idea. As a matter of fact, you can find the moves of turning the neck, the shoulder, the hip, and all the other different parts of the body. It is truly a good exercise of your whole body. I think Mr. Jackson will be pleased to learn that his dance and music is benefiting the health of Chinese children as well as entertaining the rest of the world. Therefore,  I cheer for the creativity of Chinese people!  What do you think?

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