Tuesday, April 5, 2011

拍手歌 The Rhyme for Clapping

write characters with brush pens

This rhyme has all kinds of versions. Here is the traditional version. It is used for the hand claping and miming game. Have fun!

ni3 pai1 yi1, wo3pai1 yi1, yi2ge4 xiao3hai2 chuan1 hua1yi1.
ni3pai1er4, wo3pai1er4, liang2ge4 xiao3hai2 shu1 xiao3 bian4er.
ni3pai1san3, wo3pai1san1, san1ge4 xiao3hai2 chi1 bing3gan1.
ni3pai1si4, wo3pai1si4, si4ge xiao3hai2 xie3 da4zi4.
ni3pai1wu3, wo3pai1wu3, wu3ge4 xiao3hai2 qiao1 da4gu3.
ni3pai1liu4, wo3pai1liu4, liu4ge4 xiao3hai2 jian3 huang2dou4.
ni3pai1qi1, wo3pai1qi1, qi1ge4 xiao3hai1 zuo4 fei1ji1.
ni3pai1ba1, wo3pai1ba1, ba1ge4 xiao3hai2 chui1 la3ba.
ni3pai1jiu3, wo3pai1jiu3, jiu3ge4 xiao3hai2 jiao1 peng2you.
ni3pai1shi2, wo3pai1shi2, shi2ge4 xiao3hai2 zhan4dezhi2.


You clap one; I clap one. One child wears pretty clothes.
You clap two; I clap two. Two children wear their hair in braids.
You clap three; I clap three. Three children eat crackers.
You clap four; I clap four. Four children write characters with brush pens.
You clap five; I clap five. Five children strike big drums.
You clap six; I clap six. Six children pick up soy-beans.
You clap seven; I clap seven. Seven children ride a plane.
You clap eight; I clap eight. Eight children blow the trumpet.
You clap nine; I clap nine. Nine children make friends.
You clap ten; I clap ten. Ten children stand staight.

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