Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Method of Abdomen Pushing

Pushing the abdomen regularly can help with many chronic diseases. Since all the 12 meridians of the body run across or are connected in the abdomen, massaging this part of the body can activate the smooth  flow of energy going through these meridians.
This is very easy to do. Simply push down across the abdomen slowly and gently with your fingers. If you have a lot of fat there, add a little more pressure. For those with stomach problems or children, use the palm
to gently massage the area. If more pressure is needed, then use the part of the palm near the wrist.

Breathe naturally and don't hold your breath.

Start from the place right below the ribs. Qi tends to get stagnated there. Some people can feel a hard  area there. As you work on that, the hard area will be pushed away and become soft. Noise of water can usually be heard as you push down across the abdomen. Sometimes the noise can get very loud. Other reactions include burping and farting.

After you are done with the front part of the abdomen, work on the two sides as well, where the liver meridians and gall bladder meridians are located. Push from under the armpits to below the navel. You can also use fists or the finger tips if you like.

The best time to do this is before you get up in the morning and when you go to sleep every night, when you are lying on the back in bed.  Three to five minutes a time is sufficient.

The method is very simple but very effective to many chronic diseases.

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