Wednesday, March 2, 2011

草原之夜 The Night in the Prairie

 This is an old Chinese song written in 1959. It was and still is popular in China. The prairie refers to the grassland in Inner-Mongolia, where folksong singers sing and play a special musical instrument called Ma Tou Qin (马头琴)。


想给远方的姑娘写一封信,哎, 可惜没有邮递员来传情。
哎,哎, 哎, 哎,哎,哎

mei3li4de  yue4se4  duo1 chen2jing4,  cao3yuan2shang4  zhi3 liu2xia4  wo3de  qin2sheng1.
xiang3 gei3  yuan3fang1de  gu1niang  xie3  yi4feng1xin4,  ai,  ke3xi1  mei2you3  you2di4yuan2  lai2  chuan2qing2.  ai...
deng3dao4  qian1li3  xue3  xiao1rong2,  deng3daoo4  cao3yuan2shang4  song4lai2  chun1feng1.
ke3ke4da2la1  gai3bian4le  mu2yang4, ye,    gu1niang  jiu4 hui4  lai2  ban4  wo3de  qin2sheng1.

The moonlight is so beautiful and tranquil, leaving  only my music in the air of the prairie.
I want to write a letter to the girl far away. But what a pity there is no mailman to deliver my feelings (to her).
(I'll) wait till the snow that extends to a thousand miles away melts. (I'll )wait till the spring breeze blows across the prairie.
Then, Khakdalah will look differently. And the girl will come to join my music.
Come, come....

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