Tuesday, March 22, 2011

小老鼠偷油 Little Rat Steals Oil

I guess there is always a popular children's rhyme about mice in every culture, since this creature has lived in people's house for so long...
I don't know how the American rats talk, but Chinese rats talk like this:  dz niou, dz niou.

小老鼠,上灯台,xiao3lao3shu3,  shang4 deng1tai2,
偷油吃,下不来。tou1  you2  chi1, xia4 bu lai2.
吱纽吱纽叫奶奶,zhi1niu1  zhi1niu1  jiao4 nai3nai.
奶奶听不见,       nai3nai  ting1bu2jian4,
吱纽吱纽叫爷爷,zhi1niu1  zhi1niu1  jiao4  ye2ye
爷爷不肯来。ye2ye  bu4 ken3lai2,
叽里咕噜滚下来。ji1li gu1lu  gun3xia4lai2.

Little rat climbs up the lamp stand
To steal oil, but cannot come down.
"Squeak, squeek" he called his grandma.
Grandma cannot hear him.
"Squeek, squeek", he called his grandpa.
Grandpa would not come.
With a "bump" he tumbles down.

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