Thursday, March 31, 2011

理发师,手艺高 The Crafted Barber

You probably have had such experience before somewhere...Through the exaggeration, you can sense the irony.

理发师,手艺高,li3fa4shi1, shou3yi4gao1.
不用剪刀不用刀。bu2yong4 jian3dao1 bu2yong4 dao1.
一根一根往下拔,yi4gen1 yi4gen1 wang3 xia4 ba2,
你说糟糕不糟糕。ni3shuo1 zao1gao1 bu4 zao1gao1.


This barber is so crafted,

He uses no scissors nor knives.

He pulled the hair out one by one,

How terrible he is!

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