Sunday, June 12, 2011

十二月花名歌 The Song of Flowers in Twelve Months

Learn how to say all these popular flowers in Chinese! I made a little changes here and there for language learning.

正月梅花香又香。 zheng1yue4 mei2hua1 xiang1 you4 xiang1.
二月兰花盆里装。er2yue4 lan2hua2 peng2li3 zhuang1.
三月丁香花满树。san1yue4 ding1xiang1 hua1 man3 shu4.
四月杜鹃靠矮墙。si4yue4 du4juan1 kao4 ai3 qiang2.
五月百合香十里, wu3yue4 bai3he2 xiang1 shi2li3.
六月玫瑰最漂亮。liu4yue4 mei3gui zui4piao4liang.
七月茉莉头上戴。liu4yue4 mo4li tou2shang4 dai4.
八月荷花满池塘。ba1yue4 he2hua1 man3 chi2tang2.
九月菊花初开放。jiu3yue4 ju2hua1 chu1 kai1fang4.
十月薰衣草吐芬芳。shi2yue4 xun1yi1cao3 tu3 fen1fang1.
十一月水仙摆上桌,shi2yi1yue4 shui3xian1 bai3 shang1 zhuo1.
十二月腊梅雪里香。shi2er2yue4 la4mei2 xueli3 xiang1.


Jasmine flowers

winter plum blossoms

(According to the Chinese lunar calendar -- which is about one month later than the calendar you use, say, the first month means February),


In the first month, plum blossom smells so sweet.
In the second month, orchid is held inside the pot.
In the third month, lilac fills up the whole tree.
In the fourth month, azaleas lean against the low wall.
In the fifth month, lilies' fragrance drifts to 10 miles far.
In the sixth month, roses are the most beautiful
In the seventh month, jasmine is worn on (girl's) head.
In the eighth month, the pond is filled with lotus flower.
In the ninth month, chrysanthemums start to bloom.
In the tenth month, lavenders spit their fragrance.
In the eleventh month, daffodils are set on the table.
In the twelfth month, winter plum sends its aroma in the snow.

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