Thursday, February 17, 2011

女娲补天 Nv Wa Mends the Sky

Once the sky collapsed ; Or maybe it was an earthquake or volcano eruption. Our hero is Nv Wa, the goddess who made the man. I'm surprised that the human beings were saved from such a disaster by a female, different from other cultures. But I'm most amazed by the ending of the story. Unlike Pan Gu, who became a martyr at the end of the story, Nv Wa hides away quietly after the completion of this almost impossible project. Obviously influenced by the Taoist philosophy, Nv Wa becomes the first recluse in Chinese history.

nv3wa1 zao4ren2 yi3hou4, ren2lei4 zai4 tian1di4jian4 xing4fu2de sheng1huo2zhe.
you3yi4nian2, tian1 hu1rn2 ta1le yi2ge4jiao3, di4 ye3 zai4 zhong1jian1 lie4kai1le hen3kuan1de yi4tiao2feng4.
shan1shangdao4chu4  dou1shi4   xiong2xiong2 da4huo3, shan1xia4 shi4 tao1tao1hong2shui3.
ren2lei4 mei2you3 ban4fa3, cheng2qian1shang4wan4de ren2 si3le.

天上的神仙都怕危险, 没有人肯管这件事。
tian1shang4de shen2xian1 dou1 pa4 wei1xian3, mei2you3ren2 ken3 guan3 zhe4jian4shi4.

女娲知道了很着急,她说:“我要去帮助人类, 因为他们是我的孩子。”
nv3wa1 zhi1dao4le hen3zhao2ji2, ta1shuo1:" wo3 yao4 qu4 bang1zhu4 ren2lei4, yin1wei2 ta1men shi4 wo3de hai2zi."
她融化了五种颜色的石头, 把天补好。
ta1 rong2hua4le wu3zhong3 yan2se4 de shi2tou, ba3 tian1 bu3 hao3.

ta1 you4 qu3xia4 da4 wu1gui1de si4zhi1jiao3 dang1 zhu4zi, ba3 tian1 cheng1 qi3lai2.

cong2ci3, tian1 zai4ye3bu4 hui4 ta1xia4lai2le.

suo3you3 zhe4xie1shi4, nv3wa1 dou1shi4 yi2ge4ren2 wan2cheng2de.

人类要感谢女娲,但是找不到她, 因为女娲已经悄悄地躲起来了。
ren2lei4 yao4 gan3xie4 nv3wa1, dan4shi4 zhao3bu2dao4 ta1, yin1wei2 nv3wa1 yi3jing1 qiao1qiao1de duo3 qi3lai2le.


After NvWa made the man, the human beings lived happily between the sky and the earth. One year, a corner of the sky fell in suddenly, the earth also split up in the middle and a wide crack appeared. Big fires burned on the mountains, and at the bottom of the mountains there was huge flood. The man had no way out, and thousands of people died. The gods in the heaven were all afraid of dangers, and nobody would deal with this. Nv Wa was very worried when she learned about the situation. She said, " I'll go to help the man, because they are my children." So she melted the rocks of five colors, and mended the sky with it. She also took down the four legs from the Great Tortoise, and used them as the columns to hold up the sky. From then on, the sky will never fall in again. Nv Wa did all these alone. The man wanted to thank her, but couldn't find her, for she had already hidden away quietly.


  1. Hello! I really enjoyed reading your adaptation of this story. I'm retelling this story for my Mandarin/English storytime podcast ( and would love to link to some of your material if you don't mind?

  2. Thank you, Linda. No, I don't mind at all as long as you show my link on your website. Best wishes to your podcast!

    1. Will do! thank you so much - I'll let you know when I post:)

    2. Hi Jenny! The Episode is up:) Chinesegarden101 is linked in sources!