Sunday, February 13, 2011

女娲造人 Nv Wa Makes Man

According to Chinese, man are created by a goddess called Nv Wa. However, Nv Wa is considered the mother of Chinese people only, since she used brown mud in the process.

Some think the people Nv Wa originally made with her hands become noble and rich, while the people she made with a tree branch become poor and low. This probably makes more sense since babies are born into rich and poor families. However, every man dies equal.

pan2gu3 si3 hou4, tian1 di4 jian1 shen2me dou1 mei2you3, yi2pian4huang1liang2.

一个女神叫女娲, 她走在大地上,感到很孤单。
yi2ge4 nv3shen2 jiao4 nv3wa1, ta1 zou3zai4 da4di4shang4, gan3dao4 hen3 gu1dan1

ta1 jiu4 zuo4zai4 chi2tang2 bian1 wan2 ni2ba.

ta1 yong4 huang2ni2 zuo4cheng2 yi2ge4ge4 xiao3ren2.

没想到泥人一碰到地就开始走路, 说话。
mei2xiang3dao4 ni2ren2 yi2 peng4dao4 di4 jiu4 kai1shi3 zou3lu4, shuo1hua4

女娲高兴极了, 就日日夜夜做个不停。
nv3wa1 gao1xing4ji2le, jiu4 ri4ri4ye4ye zuo4ge bu4ting2.

hou4lai2, nv3wa1 zuo4lei4le , jiu4 na2qi3 shu4zhi1 fang4zai4 ni2shui3li3, ran2hou4 ti2qi3 shu4zhi1 shuai3yi1shuai3.

ni2dian3zi yi2 dao4 di4 shang4 jiu4 bian4cheng2le ren2.

zhe4yang4 zao4ren2 bi3 yuan2lai2 rong2yi4 duo1le.

man4mande, di4shang4 dao4chu4 you3le ren2lei4de sheng1yin1.


After Pan Gu died, there was nothing between the heaven and the earth, desolate and lifeless. A goddess called Nv Wa walked on the earth and felt very lonely. So she sat by a pond and played with mud. She made little people with brown mud one after another. Unexpectedly, the little mud people began to walk and talk as soon as they hit the ground. Nv Wa was so happy that she worked day and night without stop. Later, Nv Wa was exhausted. So she put a tree branch into the muddy water. Lifting it up, she gave it a swing. The muddy spots turned to people when they hit the ground. It was much easier to make people this way. Gradually, the earth is filled with the sound of human beings.

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