Friday, March 18, 2011

东西街 The East-West Street

Here is another nonsense rhyme for fun! But don't you find plenty of slips of tongue like this in our daily life?

东西街,南北走。dong1  xi1 jie1,  nan2  bei3 zou3,
出门看见人咬狗,chu1men2  kan4jian4  ren2 yao3 gou3.
拿起狗来打砖头,na2qi3  gou3lai2  da3  zhuan1tou
又怕砖头咬了手。you4  pa4  zhuan1tou  yao3le  shou3

The East-West Street goes in South-North direction,
Going out, I see a man biting a dog.
Picking up the dog, I try to hit a brick.
But I'm afraid the brick will bite my hand.

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