Friday, April 15, 2011

天天做早操 Do Morning Exercise Everyday

Lining up and doing exercise is part of the morning ritual in every school in China, no matter if you are the little on in the kindergarden or a student in the university. The workout lasts about 5-7 minutes and is truely designed for people of all ages. ( Please see my another blog writing about how it is done if you are interested in doing it, too.)

大公鸡,喔喔叫, da4 gong1ji1, wo1wo1jiao4.
小朋友,起得早, xiao3peng2you3, qi3dezao3.
排起队来做早操。pai2qi3dui4lai2 zuo4 zao3cao1.
伸伸手,弯弯腰,shen1shen1shou3, wan1wan1 yao1,
天天做操身体好。tian1tian1 zuo4cao1 shen1ti3 hao3.

The big rooster calls "cocka-doodle-doo".
Little friends get up early.
They line up to do morning exercise.
Stretching the arm, bending the waist,
Doing exercise everyday makes them healthy.

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