Monday, February 21, 2011

数青蛙 Counting Frogs

This rhyme is not only good for math, but also good for review of measure words. Take turns to chant and have a little competition. Whoever stops first is the loser.

yi4zhi1 qing1wa1 yi4zhang1zui3,
liang3ge4 yan3jing1 si4tiao2tui3,
扑通跳下水。 pu1tong tiao4xia4 shui3.

两只青蛙两张嘴,liang3zhi1 qing1wa1 liang3 zhang1zui3,
四个眼睛八条腿, si4ge4 yan3jing1 ba1tiao2tui3,
扑通,扑通跳下水。 pu1tong, pu1tong tiao4xia4 shui3.

三只青蛙三张嘴,san3zhi1 qing1wa1 san1zhang1zui3,
六个眼睛十二条腿, liu4ge4 yan3jing1 shi2er4tiao2tui3,
扑通,扑通, 扑通跳下水。
pu1tong, pu1tong, pu1tong tiao4xia4 shui3.
四只青蛙四张嘴,si4zhi1 qing1wa1 si4zhang1zui3,
八个眼睛十六条腿,ba1ge4 yan3jing1 shi2liu4tiao2tui3,
扑通, 扑通,扑通,扑通跳下水。
pu1tong, pu1tong, pu1tong, pu1tong tiao4xia4 shui3.
五只青蛙五张嘴 wu3zhi1 qing1wa1 wu3zhang1zui3,

One frog (had )one mouth,
two eyes and four legs.
Splash, (it) jumped into the water.
Two frogs have two mouths,
four eys and eight legs.
Splash, splash, (they) jumped into the water.
Three frogs have three mouths,
six eyes and twelve legs.
Splash, splash, splash, they jumped into the water.
Four frogs have four mouths,
eight eyes and sixteen legs.
Splash, splash, splash, splash, they jumped into the water.
Five frogs have five mouths,

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