Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Chinese Coffee-Break-Workout

Lining up to do exercise is part of the morning rituals in every school in China, no matter if you are going to the kindergarten or the university. In China, it is call the "Broardcasting Workout", because the practicing music used to be broadcasted through the loud speakers at certain times of the work days at every school and office. If possible, when the music sounded off, people automatically stopped what they were working on, stood up and started the workout following the music. The workout lasts about 5 minutes, and is truly suitable for people of all ages.

In the past 60 years, the Chinese experts from the National Bureau of Physical Education have designed over a dozen of different versions of the workout. All of them are developed to promote general health and fitness of Chinese people. A lot of their moves show elements usually found in the traditional Chinese martial arts practice.

The version I posted here is the one I grew up with, and most popular in the 70's. As you can see, it is tinted with the "color" of that period of time. Come on, forget muffins or doughnuts. Exercise with me!

Preparation: Walking on the Spot

Move 1 Movement of Arms

Move 2 Pushing Fists
Move 3 Chest Expansion
Move 4 Lifting Legs
Move 5 Side Stretching
Move 6 Movement of Turning
Move 7 Arching back and Bending down
Move 8 Jumping Jacks


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