Tuesday, February 8, 2011

小白兔,白又白 Little White Bunny

This rhyme is very simple to learn and encourages healthy diet for children.

小白兔,白又白。xiao3 bai2tu4, bai2 you4 bai2,
两个耳朵竖起来。liang3ge4 er3duo shu4 qi3lai2.
爱吃萝卜和青菜,ai4 chi1 luo2bo he2 qing1cai4,
蹦蹦跳跳真可爱。beng4beng tiao4tiao zhen1 ke3ai4.


Little bunny is so white.
Its two ears pricked up.
It loves to eat radish and greens.
It skips and skids, and is really cute.

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