Friday, February 25, 2011

大年初一扭一扭 Waggle on the 1st day of the New Year

This children's rhyme describes vividly all the preparation done in the 12th month of lunar calendar before the Chinese New Year. It brings all the memories back from my childhood.

小宝贝,你别馋,xiao3bao3bei4, ni3bie2chan2,
过了腊八就是年。guo4le la4ba1 jiu4shi4nian2.
腊八粥,喝几天,la4ba1zhou1, he1ji3tian1,

一喝喝到二十三。yi4he1 he1dao4 er4shi2san1.
二十三,糖果儿甜,er4shi2san1, tang2guo3r
二十四,扫房子。 er4shi2si4, sao3fang2zi.
二十五, 贴窗花,er4shi2wu3, tie1chuang1hua1,
二十六,炖羊肉。 er4shi2liu4, dun4yang2rou4.
二十七,宰公鸡,er4shi2qi1, zai3gong1ji1,
二十八,把面发。er4shi2ba1, ba3mian4fa1.
二十九, 蒸馒头,er4shi2jiu3, zheng1man2tou.
三十晚上熬一夜,san1shi2 wan3shang ao2yi2ye4,
大年初一扭一扭。da4nian2 chu1yi1 niu3yi1niu3.

My baby, don't you be piggish for food,
The new year is here right after the 8th day (of the 12th month)
On the 8th day, we have the special porridge for several days.
That brings us to the 23rd day.
On the 23rd day, sweet candies are made.
On the 24th day, the house is sweeped clean.
On the 25th, windows are decorated with papercuts.
On the 26th, the mutton stew is made.
On the 27th, we kill a rooster.
On the 28th, the dough is risen.
On the 29th, the buns are steamed.
On the 30th, we stay up all night.
On the 1st day of the new year, we waggle (to do the YangGe dance)

This is a bowl of LaBa porridge, which consists of 8 kinds of grains.

This video clip shows a street scene of the Chinese New Year celebration.
This kind of dance is called Yang Ge Dance.

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