Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Raise Your Body Energy Level-- Strike the Gall Bladder Meridian

This gem of self-treatment is shared by Mr. Qingzhong Wu in his best-selling book  --  The User's Manual for Human Body, and is being tried out by millions of Chinese people nowadays. It is very easy to follow and has received a surprisingly high positive feedback.
 It doesn't cost you any money to purchase special equipment, nor does it demand special diet. You don't have to do a lot of exercise, either. It is so simple to do that it almost seems primitive. However,  if you keep doing it everyday, your body energy level will rise
gradually, and your health will return to you. You should be able to see the effect at the end of one month's practice. In 3-4 months, you can see the effect more obvious. However, with some chronic diseases that you have suffered from for 20-30 years, it is reasonable that it will take longer time, say 2-3 years, to recover.

The gall bladder meridian is nicknamed "the general of  the  body", and is the longest meridian in the body running from the toes to the head. According to Mr. Wu's research, this is the most important meridian to regulate the energy flow in the body. Since our health is determined by the level of body energy, it makes sense to stimulate the gall bladder meridian in order to keep us at a higher energy level and healthy.

There are over 44 important points on the gall bladder meridian. But the four points Mr Wu suggests to use are the easiest to reach and thus most practical. They are all located along an imaginary line on the outside edge of our upper legs.
Let's first find GB30 (Gall Bladder 30) Chinese Name: Huantiao. English Name: Encircling Leap Location: On a line between the greater trochanter and sacral hiatus, one third of the distance from the greater trochanter. Locate this point with patient in lateral recumbent position with thigh flexed.
GB31 (Gall Bladder 31) Chinese Name: Fengshi. English Name: Wind Market Location: When you are standing erect with the hands close to the sides, the point is where the tip of the middle finger touches.

GB32 (Gall Bladder 32) Chinese Name: Zhongdu. English Name: Mid-river
Location: On the lateral aspect of the thigh, 2 cun(1 cun is the width of your thumb) below GB31

GB33 (Gall Bladder 33) Chinese Name: Xiyangguan English Name: Knee Yang Hinge
Location: When the knee is extended, the point is below GB32 lateral to the knee joint, in the depression between the tendon of biceps femoris and the femur.

Using your fists, in a sitting position, you strike the four acupressure points one by one along the seam lines of your pants. Start from GB30, and all the way down to GB33.

1. It's better to sit on a hard chair instead of soft couch so that you can reach GB30 more easily.
2. Spend about 10 minutes striking the four points on each side of the leg, at the speed of 2 strikes per second.  Or  strike the both legs at the same time, to be more efficient.
3. Because of the muscles and fat at the buttocks, I suggest you lift your arms  higher when striking so as to strike harder. Take a little rest if your arms are tired.
4. Strike the gall bladder meridian anytime during the day. But the best time to do it is at the bedtime around 9-11pm, when the gall bladder  meridian is more active and dominant.
5. The last but the most important,  you MUST go to bed early (before 11pm) everyday.  Because around midnight is the handover time of Yin to Yang.  The Yang Qi is just starting to grow. So it's very important that you are asleep and resting well at this time, because this is the critical time for the body to gain energy.

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