Monday, February 28, 2011

HuiChun Meridian Workout

Huichun Meridian Workout was designed and issued by the Chinese government in an effort to promote wellness for its citizens in the 70s. It is a modern systematic physical exercise based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is very simple to learn and requires no equipment. It stimulates chi flow through the meridians, strengthens inner organs, creates flexibility and cleanses the lymphatic system.
Watch the following videos if you are not sure about the moves.

1. Swing arms and strike navel and Life Gate (Raggedy Ann style)

2. Twist at waist (do it slowly)
3. Swing arms up and down (Raggedy Ann style)
4. Double arm swing (do it slowly)
5. Push fists (eyes wide open, turn fists down as pushing, turn them up as bringing them back )
6. Pat lungs (indentation under the collar bone)
7. Cross arms jump (Raggedy Ann style)

8. Strike shoulders (Raggedy Ann style)
9. Chest expansion
10. Single arm swing (do it slowly)
11. Swing fists left and right (Raggedy Ann style)
12. Shove aside and cock fists (turn fists up as bringing them back)
13. Side bend (do it slowly)
14. Run in place
15. Lift arm (stretch both arms)

16. Press hands down (keep fingers at right angle to arms)
17. Shake a ball above (eyes follow hands)
18. Shake a ball in the front
19. Shake a ball down (do it slowly)
20. Grasp clouds (turn palms outwards as stretching arms)

21. Wind a winch (do it slowly up and down, keep arms straight)
22. Stir the tea leaves (do it slowly left and right, keep arms straight, )
23. Wind Mill (do it slowly, keep arms straight)
24. Smoke bathe(do it slowly)

25. Strike knees (all around kneecaps)
26. Turn and press down (keep fingers at right angle to arms)
27. Stretch and bend forward (do it slowly)
28. Arch back and bend down(do it slowly)
29. Twist at waist

30. Twist at knees
31. Stretch leg tendons
32. Front kick
33. Knee lift jump (keep arms straight in front of your chest)

34. Seven knocks
   #1 inside wrist     #2 outside wrist
   #3 joining valley    #4 outside edge of palm
   #5 palm           #6 thumb web      
   #7 finger webs

35. Eight strikes
   #1 above inside of ankle          #2 below the knee well
   #3 below & to the side of kneecap   #4 above the kneecap
   #5 up the seam line         #6 1 inch bilateral to the tail spine
   #7 side of the buttocks          #8 below the buttocks

36. Squat thrust (arms stretched)
37. Massage knees (clockwise, counterclockwise, up & down)
38. Hold back of head and heel down (come down very hard, do it slowly)
39. Shake jelly
40. Side kick
41. Back kick

42. Turn neck/Rub neck with high blood pressure
43. Massage eyes
44 Turn eyeballs with eyes closed (do it slowly)
45. Peck the face (forehead, crowfeet, cheek bones, near ears)
46. Rub nose (press down at the base of nose)
47. Vibrate eardrums
48. Massage ears and pull earlobes
49. Massage the back base of the skull (occipital bone)
50. Shake the whole body

1. This workout is not suitable to those who have broken bones, high fever, and severe heart problems.
2. Don’t move too fast. Practice at a speed you feel comfortable.
3. Low bending at the neck and the waist is not encouraged for these with high blood pressure.
4. It’s not necessary to do all the moves. Elimination of a few moves that you   don’t feel comfortable with is ok.

The main acupressure points worked on in Huichun Medical Workout
Move #1
1.       Life Gate GV4    at the midline on the back, below the 2nd lumbar vertebr
2.       The navel CV9
Move #6
3.       Central Mansion L1   6 cun to the side of the midline of the body, level to the 1st rib
Move #8
4.       Shoulder Well GB21   midway between 7th cervical vertebra and upper end of the shoulder blade
Move #34
5.       Inner Pass P6   2 cun above the wrist line,  between the tendons.
6.       Outer Pass TB5   opposite of P6, on the back of the wrist
7.       Joint Valley LI4     between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones
8.       Back Ravine SI3     at the edge of the hand on the outside edge of the 5th base joint
9.       Toil Palace P8    between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones, under the tip of the middle finger when making fist
10.   The Webs of the four fingers
11.   The web between the index finger and thumb
Move #35
12.   3 Yin Joint SP6    3 cun above the inside of the ankle, on the back edge of the shinbone
13.   3 Yang Joint GB36   3 cun above the outside of the ankle, opposite of SP6
14.   3 Mile Point ST36    3 cun below the knee well, at the front side of the shinbone, 1 cun toward the outside of the leg
15.   Supporting Mountain UB56    in the indentation below the gastrocnemius muscle belly
16.   Yin Tomb Spring  Sp9   on the back edge of the shinbone, below the bulging part of the tibia
17.   Yang Tomb Spring GB34   in the indentation in front of and below the head of the fibula
18.   Blood Sea SP10      2 cun above the upper inner edge of the kneecap
19.   Wind Market GB31    in the midway on the seam line
20.   Dustpan Door  SP11    6 cun above SP10
21.   Jump Around  GB30   on a line between the buttocks fold and top of the buttocks, from the middle to the outer 3rd
22.   Receiving Support  UB36   in the middle of the gluteal fold
23.   Second Foramen   UB32     1 cun to the side of the midline, level to 2nd posterior sacral foramen
Move #45
24.   Yang White GB14  1 cun above the midpoint of the eyebrow
25.   Silken Bamboo Hollow TB23   in the depression at the lateral end of the eyebrow
26.   Gathering Bamboo  UB2  in the hollow at the medial end of the eyebrow
27.   Holding Tears  ST1    0.5 cun directly below the pupil
28.   Four Whites   ST2     in the indentation 1 cun directly below the pupil
29.   Jaw Chariot ST6      to the side of the corner of the mouth, at the prominence of the muscle when teeth are clenched
30.   Zygoma Crevice  SI18   Directly below the outer canthus, in the depression on the lower border of zygoma
Move #46
31.   Welcome Fragrance LI20  In the nasolabial groove
Move #49
32.   Wind Pool GB20   in the indentation behind the ear, at the same level and to the side of the GB12

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  1. Thank you so much, without you I would have never stumbled upon this wonderful exercise routine, surely this is great for all ages and genders!