Friday, January 28, 2011

a collection of traditional Chinese medicinal food

In this posting, I'm going to introduce to you a collection of traditional Chinese medicinal food, which originally come in the form of a chant. More tasty recipes will be posted soon.

Eat these things regularly and prevent a lot of health problems.
Enjoy your meals!

Pears are helpful to reduce phlegm and relieve asthma and coughing.
Chinese black mushrooms (shiitake mushrooms) and wood ears are great to nurture blood and fight against tumors and cancers.

Purple eggplants are good for clearing meridians.
Kelp is effective to disperse blood stasis and activate blood circulation.

Mung beans are good to detoxicate the body.
Honey can nourishing Yin and lungs.

Celery is helpful to lower the blood pressure.
Daikon can help reducing bloating.

Garlic chives are good to kidneys.
Walnuts are good to the brain an hair.

Tomatoes and red Chinese dates can nourish the blood.
Peanuts can help lower cholesterol.

Soybeans are anti-aging food and good for diabetes.
Cucumbers can help you to lose weight.

Above all, garlic is effective in eliminating all kinds of inflammations and ginger roots are used for cold.

fresh shiitake mushrooms

dried shiitake mushrooms

soaked shiitake mushrooms

fresh wild wood ears

dried wood ears
mung beans

garlic chives
 jujube dates

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